Weekdays Noon and 9pm with Stacey and Peter

Wazzup...How you doin'?...It's the Nothin' but 90's!  Every weekday at Noon and 9pm Stacey Thompson and Peter Kash will play all 90's tunes!  Frost those tips, slip on your turtleneck and work those killer dance moves… it's the Nothin' but 90's on 93-5 The Move!

Have a 90's song request? Tell Stacey and Peter what you want to hear on the Nothin' but 90's. There’s more than a few ways to get your song on… Fill out the email form on the right hand side, phone us at 416-870-1935, text us at 935935Twitter or Facebook

Nothin' but 90's is brought to you by Retro Roadshow

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